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NYC Ghost Tours
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NYC Ghost Tours

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(Wikipedia - William Bouguereau's "Soul Carried to Heaven")

What better way to explore the tales of 
New York City's most celebrated "ghosts" and "spirits"
than by accompanying Gotham Walking Tours
& Lina on an historically-oriented 
walking tour of reputedly haunted sites, and of other
 Village locations that existed, but are now gone?
A New York City
"Haunted" Greenwich Village Tour

Stops on this historically-oriented walking tour may 
include a combination of sites associated with: 
eerie Washington Square Park (including the reputed 
hanging ground and the park's graveyard); sites
associated with Edgar Allan Poe; Mark Twain; Aaron Burr,
his daughter, Theodosia, and his wife, Eliza Jumel; Peter Stuyvesant; Washington Irving; Eleanor & Franklin Roosevelt's little dog "Fala"; the tragic Triangle Shirtwaist Company fire; Fire Patrol Station No. 2 & others

This tour is not just about "ghosts," as we commonly understand them (i.e., we're not focusing on the
"boo!" factor).  It's also about the Village's past - the ghosts of buildings, now gone, of cafe's, clubs, and personalities that made the Village the heart of a bohemian and immigrant community in the past - and that disappeared long ago.

As noted above, please note that this tour
is not a "boo" tour or a "scary" tour. 
Nor does Lina try to convince
you that ghosts or spirits exist. 

Come along for the ride!
It's a little bit of everything!

(Edgar Allan Poe, Mark Twain & Aaron Burr)

Price Per Private Group
3 Hour Tour

1-2 people: $395 group
3-4 people: $495 group
5-6 people: $595 group

Please call Lina at 646-327-3995
email her for significantly discounted
rates for larger (10+) groups

And . . .

Kindly also make sure to consult our
Binding Legal Notice and Release Page

Before Booking our Tours or Services

Lina conducts this historically-oriented private
NYC "Haunted" Tour, as well as all of her 
other tours, on a year-round basis

Join Us For A NYC Ghost Tour Like No Other!

Email Lina at
Call Lina at (646) 327-3995

NYC Ghost Tours

Ghost Tours NYC

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