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NYC Ghost Tours
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NYC Ghost Tours

Lina Viviano and Gotham Walking Tours Have Received's Certificate of Excellence
Award from 2011 through 2015

Lina's NYC Walking Tours Featured on USA TODAY and Travel Channel websites

(TripAdvisor is the world's largest travel and tourism site) 

(Wikipedia - William Bouguereau's "Soul Carried to Heaven")

What better way to explore the tales of 
New York City's most celebrated "ghosts" and "spirits"
than by accompanying Gotham Walking Tours
& Lina Viviano (company founder) on an historically-oriented 
walking tour of reputedly haunted sites, and of other
 Village locations that existed, but are now gone?
Join Lina On A New York City
"Haunted" Greenwich Village Tour 

Stops on this historically-oriented NYC walking tour may 
include a combination of sites associated with: 
eerie Washington Square Park (including the reputed 
hanging ground and the park's graveyard); sites
associated with Edgar Allan Poe; Mark Twain; Aaron Burr,
his daughter, Theodosia, and his wife, Eliza Jumel; Peter Stuyvesant; 
Washington Irving; Eleanor & Franklin Roosevelt's little dog "Fala"; 
the tragic Triangle Shirtwaist Company fire; Fire Patrol Station No. 2 & other sites.

This tour is not just about "ghosts," as we commonly understand them (i.e., we're
not focusing on the "boo!" factor).  It's also about the Village's past - the ghosts
of buildings, now gone, of cafe's, clubs, and personalities that made the
Village the heart of a bohemian and immigrant community in the past -
and that disappeared long ago. 

Please note that this tour
is not a "boo" tour or a "scary" tour. 
Nor does Lina try to convince
you that ghosts or spirits exist. 

Come along for the adventure!
It's a little bit of everything!

(Edgar Allan Poe, Mark Twain & Aaron Burr)

Prices For Private Group Tours
3 Hour Tour

1-2 people: $399 group
3-4 people: $499 group
5-6 people: $599 group

Please call Lina at 646-327-3995
email her for significantly discounted
rates for larger (10+) groups

And . . .

Kindly also make sure to consult our
Binding Legal Notice and Release Page

Before Booking our Tours or Services

Lina conducts this historically-oriented private
NYC "Haunted" Tour, as well as all of her 
other tours, on a year-round basis

Join Us For A Private NYC Ghost Tour Like No Other!

Email Lina at
Call Lina at (646) 327-3995

NYC Ghost Tours

Ghost Tours NYC

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