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NYC Food Tours
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NYC Food Tours

"Nosh" Your Way Around New York City With A 
Native NYC Guide Who Has Been Awarded's Certificate of Excellence Award
From 2011 Through 2015! 

Read approximately 600 of Lina's TripAdvisor reviews here and see why Lina's
NYC food tours are so thoroughly enjoyable (and delicious!)
and are a wonderful way to understand a City and its locals

Lina's NYC Walking Tours Featured on USA TODAY and Travel Channel websites

New York City is home to a veritable smorgasbord
of cultures and the incredible culinary traditions
that have been tantalizing the palates of
native New Yorkers for many years

What better way to experience New York City than by
walking its streets with Lina and by "noshing" (snacking)
your way through affordable culinary
treats that are readily available?

On these NYC food tours, we weave our way 
through a combination of reasonably-priced Asian,
Italian, Jewish, Middle Eastern, Eastern European, and American:

pickle mongers
bagel, bialy and knish shops
gourmet donut shops
vintage candy stores
herbal shops
coffee and tea shops
dumpling shops
pasta makers
snack shops
produce markets
meat markets
fish markets
street vendors
ethnic food supply shops
assorted other wonderful eateries and venues

(a combination of which
varies depending on the
neighborhood tour you choose)

We learn about and sample our way
through a number of culinary traditions,
 and savor the history and culture of New York City's
incredibly diverse ethnic neighborhoods

Here's how it works . . .

Lina's NYC food tours
last approximately 4 - 8 hours
(unless otherwise indicated)

The price of her NYC food tours does
not include the price of snacks
sampled along the way
But please don't despair! 

The iconic New York City foods to which you are
introduced during the course of these tours are
delicious - and affordable - snacks that are well
within most of our budgets

(It ain't haute cuisine!)

We eat "on the go" and sample 
as many culinary delights as possible

Why spend precious time being seated in restaurants?

The best way to learn about this incredible
City is to walk, to taste, to smell and, best of all,
to sample its iconic foods in a native's 
natural habitat - the streets of New York!

And, please rest assured that we walk at a leisurely pace
(or a pace of your choosing), as we walk through these neighborhoods

Lina encourages you to share your food with your family
and friends as we go along . . . you'll otherwise be
full mid-way through the tour!

There's a lot to savor out there . . . sharing is good

Lina's goal is to provide you with a bit of
knowledge about the culinary traditions
and history that form the backdrop
for many of these delectable edibles
(She'll try any excuse to share the
extraordinarily rich history of this City with you!)

In other words, it's not just about the food . . . it's
about the City's history, culture, architecture, people and more
. . . it's about experiencing NYC like a native

You – rather than a tour guide handing
out small morsels of food – choose the treats
that entice your palate, based on Lina's recommendations

Your health is paramount

Please adhere to your dietary needs and medical restrictions
while immersing yourself in the delights of this culinary Mecca!

That said, Lina has been known to sometimes
carry "nourishment" on her tours during the Winter months
for those who choose to partake: coffee, hot chocolate and 
oatmeal (we just add hot water); vegan cookies (don't knock them
until you've tried them!); and candies and chocolates, among other things.
And, she's never short of wipes for
those of us who like to indulge!

We keep things small . . .

It's not about handing morsels of food out
to large crowds of people on the sidewalk

Come inside . . . Explore . . . Ask questions . . . Eat

As the writer, chef, and television personality Anthony Bourdain says . . .
"Be a traveler, not a tourist"

All tours are led by Lina

(Lina is the founder of Gotham Walking Tours)

Lina is a native New Yorker whose
family life is rooted in highly-cherished
Italian and Jewish culinary traditions

(How can one possibly go wrong with Italian and Jewish
mothers and grandmothers dominating the kitchens
of one's childhood and adult life?)

Did we mention that Lina is a self-proclaimed "NYC foodie"
whose family has spent the last several decades in the
pizza and restaurant industry?

(It's a genetic thing . . . )

(Mom's homemade sauce and pasta and pizza)

(Ingredients (except for the pasta!)
that were lovingly grown in her Dad's
(very small) New York City garden)

(A Manhattan family apartment whose every
crevice is stocked with kitchen gadgets and
ingredients from many, many parts of the world)

(And a huge collection of food- and NYC-related
newspapers and magazines: Bon Appetite, Food & Wine,
Edible Manhattan, Edible Brooklyn, Saveur, the Food
Network Magazine, Time Out, New York Magazine,
The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal,
to name just a few, and a list of wonderful food blogs,
that keep Lina in touch with the City's food and
culinary events for your benefit!  She also has
a pretty good handle on Julia Child trivia
for fans of that incredible culinary pioneer)

Her clients don't go home "hungry"

(That just wouldn't be polite!)

Please visit
to learn why Lina & Gotham Walking Tours' 
food and historical tours have received TripAdvisor's
2011 - 2015 Certificate of Excellence Awards

Read approximatley 600 of Lina's TripAdvisor reviews here!

Food Tours NYC!

So . . . come join Lina on a New York City
food tour for a culinary adventure!

Pick a neighborhood and she will arrange 
a private NYC eating experience for you!

Here's The Menu . . .

Greenwich Village & Chelsea
4 hour tour

Greenwich Village: a bit of something for everyone . . .
gourmet cheese and salumi shops, authentic Italian
bakeries (cannoli, gelato, espresso?), delicious pizza, 
turn-of-the-century coffee and tea shops,
the best falafel in New York City, butter
cream cupcakes, homemade cookies, and more

Chelsea: home of television's The Food Network! 
While Lina can't promise you that we'll run into Emeril, Bobby,
Mario, Morimoto, Ina, Alexandra, Rachel, Giada, or Guy 
(although anything's possible), she can promise you a sampling
of the Market's delectable eats - freshly-baked bread, amazing cookies, 
decadent ice cream, New England and Manhattan clam chowder and
much more, as well a walk through the trendy Meatpacking District
and the new High Line Park 

Chinatown & Little Italy
4 hour tour


Where does one start here? 
Italian and Chinese bakeries, pasta makers,
turn-of-the-century grocery stores and salumerias,
Asian snack shops, dumplings, street treats,
exotic produce, fish and meat markets,
ice cream, gelato, cannoli . . . and a
visit to your local or hotel gym afterwards?

Jewish Lower East Side
4 hour tour

You just haven't experienced New York City if you haven't tried its pastrami
or corned beef on rye, knishes, hotdogs, bagels, bialys, lox, herring,
pickles, rugelach, hamantashen, halvah, and vintage candy.  Oy! 
The list goes on and on.  Please bring your appetite!


NYC "Melting Pot" Food Tour
Chinatown, Little Italy, Jewish Lower East Side
& Greenwich Village
6 hour tour


Please see the descriptions, above, relating to our
Chinatown, Little Italy, Jewish Lower East Side Tour &
Greenwich Village Tours and you'll get the idea!

(And . . . we wouldn't suggest dinner reservations after the tour)

Around The NYC Food World
Chinatown, Little Italy, Jewish Lower East
Side, Greenwich Village &
Chelsea Market/High Line Tour
7.5 hour tour

Take these five vibrant neighborhoods 
(please see the tour descriptions above),
and wrap them all up into one incredible day
of leisurely walking and of food, fun, 
history and . . . walking off the calories

(Once again, you may not want to plan an early
(or any) dinner after the tour!)

Restaurant Recommendations?

Please feel free to contact Lina via email at for restaurant and other
food-related recommendations (from high-end
to low-end), from Manhattan, to Brooklyn, to Queens,
if you want to experience other culinary treats
(in addition to those sampled on her tours)

Lina will try her best to suggest any restaurant
or establishment that she has personally visited

And . . . please note that Lina does
not accept any commissions from or have
and deals with, any restaurant or food
establishment that Lina recommends to her
guests, or visits with her guests

Eat New York City!

And . . .

Kindly also make sure to consult our
Binding Legal Notice and Release Page
Booking our Tours or Services

NYC Food Tour Prices
All Prices Exclude Cost Of Snacks
Major Credit Cards/PayPal Accepted

4 Hour NYC Food Tour
Group Prices

1-2 people: $550 per group
3-4 people: $699 per group
5-6 people: $799 per group

Call 646-327-3995
 for significantly discounted
rates for larger (10+) groups

6 Hour NYC Melting Pot Food Tour
Group Prices

1-2 people: $699 per group
3-4 people: $899 per group
5-6 people: $999 per group

Call 646-327-3995
or email
 for significantly discounted
rates for larger (10+) groups

7.5 Hour NYC Food Tour
Group Prices

1-2 people: $999 per group
3-4 people: $1199 per group
5-6 people: $1399 per group

Call 646-327-3995
or email
 for significantly discounted
rates for larger (10+) groups

Food Tours NYC!

Walk, Eat, and Love NYC!


NYC Food Tours!

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They are found on our "FAQs" Page.  Kindly
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